about_meLet me introduce myself!

I’m hoping you’ve made a connection with my photos if you’ve gotten this far!
By now you’ll have a good idea of what I try to capture for each of the types of photography that I offer.

So, here’s a little bit about me and my photography background…

Like most people, I’ve always appreciated great photography. My first introduction to the art was during my university degree in Film, Television and Photography at Deakin in 2002. The experience of learning photography and its history the traditional way, in the dark room, has benefited me enormously as a photographer.

After a stint travelling the world after university, I worked at a portrait studio in Vancouver. Since then I’ve fallen in love with documenting all types of photography, and I’ve been working as a freelance photographer for over two years now. I’ve had the pleasure of working with amazing couples and brands along the way.

Having been inspired by the amazing photographer at my own wedding to my beautiful wife Erin in Mexico, I decided to launch Guy Evans Photography.

Although I’d shot several weddings before this, being in front of the camera for a change, and seeing the time and effort that went into creating our own photography, made me appreciate the importance of a professional.

Being creative, knowledgeable and easy to work with is what I aspire to be for the couples I work with. As well as capturing some amazing memories!

You’ll notice on my website that I don’t shoot just weddings.

I’m lucky that I get to photograph a huge variety of subjects and events. I use a relaxed and photo documentary style, but I also explore controlling light for my event photography, product photography, and lifestyle shoots. This variety keeps me fresh and on my toes, and as the saying goes, variety is the spice of life!

Other things about me…

I like long walks on the beach, just kidding! Well, not really as my wife, Erin, and I are obsessed with our English Bulldog ‘Heathcliff’ ­ apologies for his regular appearance on my Instagram feed, but we can’t help it! We love to eat out, and we also love to travel whenever we get the chance. I played Aussie rules football for many years, but have long since retired despite the occasional itchy feet… I won’t say who I barrack for though.

I’ve also played guitar since I was a kid (although not offering those services during weddings… unless you and your fiancé enjoy terrible singing and covers of songs from the 90’s?).

If you like what you see, please don’t hesitate to give me a call or message me via my website with any questions. The best way to help make your (extremely important) decision of choosing a wedding photographer is to meet up in person, so let me shout you both a coffee and we can go from there.

Guy Evans Photography